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Started online medication guidance and demonstration of drug receipt service using delivery lockers

11 19, 2020


At AIN Pharmacies Fujisawa SST, we have started a service demonstration which allows customers to receive explanations on medicine at home via their smartphone (online medication instruction) and to then pick up medicine from a delivery locker.

This service is designed to reduce infections of the new coronavirus by eliminating in-person contact. Patients who have utilized online or telephone based medical consultations with a doctor are now able to also receive necessary information from the pharmacist online, and are able to avoid in-person contact by picking up medicine through the use of a delivery locker. This completely eliminates the need for in-person contact, from initial consultation through the pickup of medication.

As the “Next Delivery SQUARE” delivery lockers in Fujisawa SST are available for use 24-hours a day, users are able to pick up their medication at whatever time best suits them.

At the AIN Pharmacies Fujisawa SST, we will continue to take measures to prevent infections with the novel coronavirus.

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