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Town parent project

Town parent project (1)
Community activities “Fujisawa Town Parent Project” is in action, including Fujisawa SST residents, companies, and people working in neighboring areas and in the town.
All individuals involved with the town openly come up with ideas as parents who nurture the town and make the community grow. For the Fujisawa SST, the project will pursue the ideal goal of a new town and lifestyles, and promote relation ships among people and between people and the town. We will establish good examples that serve as a good model for future smart towns around the world.

Town parent project (1)

Community activities have already started, where all Fujisawa SST
and neighborhood residents can play a principal role

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    Culture Fest Fujisawa SST

    In this fun-filled event, people who live and work in Fujisawa SST gather to celebrate the charms of their community and share their affection for Fujisawa SST with residents of neighboring communities.

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    Career Experience

    Various companies conduct a “Career Experience” event to offer children a glimpse of possible future professions and an opportunity to participate in community building.

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    Disaster prevention events

    Participants visit sites where disaster prevention programs are held to learn about disaster prevention measures and equipment.

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    Community Care

    A community care initiative encourages the people who live and work in Fujisawa SST to help support dementia sufferers and their caregivers, promoting a spirit of mutual assistance within the community.

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    Developing a Fujisawa SST Original Coffee Blend

    Residents and companies hold meetings to discuss and bounce ideas off each other such as new services suitable for the town.

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    Music Salon and Surf Meet

    Music and sports events representative of the Shonan district help to foster residents’ love for their community.

Town parent project (2)

Fujisawa SST Future Co-creation

Fujisawa SST shifted from the development phase to the nurturing phase. It will promote Co-creation activities with diverse companies, and will meet the challenges aiming to establish new styles of society, town and life.

Activities will expand, where the town nurtures businesses and businesses nurture the town

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    Town Meetings

    Residents and representatives of the companies doing business in Fujisawa SST gather to discuss the needs of the community and exchange ideas for new services to meet those needs.

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    Green Air Conditioner

    A new air conditioner that reduces heat in outdoor areas for greater comfort is being developed as a product for countering the heat island effect.

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    Shared Garden

    Providing an opportunity to grow food teaches important lessons about the bounties of nature and the value of farming, while building a sense of community among the people who live and work in Fujisawa SST and surrounding neighborhoods. Integrating the Shared Garden with other facilities and services will lead to the creation of new food and health related services.

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    Future Co-creation HOUSE

    We will recommend smart houses and one-step-ahead lifestyles in Fujisawa SST. We will create next-generation homes that integrate the technologies and ideas of diverse companies.

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    Battery Sharing System

    One of Fujisawa SST ’s initiatives for achieving a low-carbon society is an electric bicycle-sharing service that employs an eco- friendly and convenient battery-sharing system.

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    Delivery Lockers with Communication Functions

    Delivery lockers equipped with advanced communications technology provide a new IoT service that improves user convenience and reduces the need for redelivery of packages.

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    Sleep Environment Support System

    Through the cooperation of community residents, data on real-life conditions is being collected for use in developing new products and planning new services.

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    Roboneko Yamato

    Focusing on the future of parcel delivery and realization of an autonomous vehicle society, experiments for a next-generation logistics service were conducted up through June 2018.

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    Schop School

    Children will also need noncognitive skills to survive in tomorrow’s world. Through programs now in the development phase, a laboratory school has been set up to help children find happiness by nurturing their creativity, communication skills, and ability to persevere.

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    Automated Guided Vehicles

    To address the increasing difficulty in securing parcel delivery staff and the growing demand for contactless delivery services, safety and technology testing are being conducted in anticipation of regulatory revisions, and service models are being developed in collaboration with Fujisawa SST businesses.

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    Visualization of Health Data

    In collaboration with Kyoto University Graduate School, a system for scoring the relationship between daily vital sign data and the frequency of community participation has been developed with the aim of enabling people to visualize their health status, in order to increase their awareness and modify their behavior.

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