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Project overview – Overall targets and Guidelines –

In order to turn our town concept into reality, we set a series of numerical targets and guidelines to help revitalize residents’ activities

Fujisawa SST’s mission is to turn the concept into a real town. As such,Fujisawa SST set a number of numerical targets to set the direction for creating this town, and devise guidelines to ensure that these numerical targets could be met. We will then establish town structures including the town management company and five smart services. We will link the structures and services to eco-friendly and smart activities of all individuals involved in the town.

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Fujisawa SST’s 100-year vision of sustainable nurturing and development.

“After the completion of Fujisawa SST, the town will develop for 30 years, mature for 30 years, and then further evolve for 30 years. The Fujisawa SST has adopted a 100-year vision: time for three family generations to lead prosperous lives. What to change and what should remain unchanged – These two options enable Fujisawa SST to mature and develop as a sustainable smart town that continues to produce eco-friendly and smart lifestyles.”

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