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Started Demonstration of “IAQ for STUDY Project”

11 2, 2020

Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.

From November 2020, Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd. has been demonstrating the “IAQ for STUDY Project” as part of the plan for land utilization in the northern area scheduled for future development at Fujisawa SST.
* IAQ=Indoor Air Quality

In Panasonic Ecology Systems’ demonstration, Fujisawa SST residents are given the opportunity to engage with a space ideally suited for learning and work made possible through the controlling and optimal adjustment of indoor climate variables such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and air flow. Participants’ ability to concentrate on their tasks is measured via facial expression monitoring.

In the official tour of Fujisawa SST, the project, including the use of facial expression monitoring to measure concentration ability, is introduced.

Fujisawa SST will continue to engage in and develop new initiatives together with the residents.

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