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Announcement of Proof-of-Concept Trial of an Automatic Delivery Robot

12 9, 2020

Panasonic Corporation

In November 2020, Panasonic Corporation began a proof-of-concept experimental delivery service for residential areas. The service uses a compact low-speed robot for deliveries. Driving trials will be conducted on public roads from November to the end of the year, and full proof-of-concept delivery service and further evaluation will begin in February 2021.

A press conference was held on December 9th in order showcase the current trial to the media.

The press conference was also honored by the attendance of Mr. Kuroiwa, the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, and Mr. Suzuki, the Mayor of Fujisawa City. Both officials kindly greeted the attendees.

Governor Kuroiwa reiterated this initiative’s place as a priority project of the “Sagami Robotics Industrial Special Zone ” (which includes Fujisawa SST). He further stated that the Kanagawa Prefecture and Fujisawa City will work together to provide support for moving the proof-of-concept towards practical application.

Panasonic will provide new delivery services with robots that comfortably serve people, and will contribute to the creation of a vibrant community where people and mobility coexist.

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Panasonic to Conduct Field Test of Home Delivery Service by Compact, Low-Speed Robot in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

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