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FujisawaSST relaunched its new website for reservation of FujisawaSST Tour

3 16, 2020

The tour reservation site of FujisawaSST has been renewed from March 16, 2020 (Monday).
The design has been changed to an easy-to-read design for you. It is more comfortable an easier to use, and you can even change or cancel the reservation by yourself.
As of March 2020, we became a real smart town with 560 households.

In the town tour, we will guide and explain you about the FujisawaSST life, the process of town development, and the status of development in an easy-to-understand manner

FujisawaSST, where new business ideas continue to emerge, is really evolving in a sustainable way.
Why don’t you discover ideas to create the future on the FujisawaSST tour?
We look forward to your participation.

■FujisawaSST Tour reservation site
■FujisawaSST Tour information flyer

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