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Fujisawa SST Cultural Festival 2023 was held

11 3, 2023

Fujisawa SST Management & Fujisawa SST Council

We held an in-person cultural festival under the theme of “The joy of meeting and the joy of connecting -Fujisawa SST Cultural Festival 2023-“. Residents of our town, Fujisawa SST Council companies, and other “Town Parents” involved with the town attended the festival.

The cultural festival, which celebrated its 7th time being held this year, aims to foster and develop the community. Many local residents also visited. Over 4,800 people in total attended.

At this event, companies participating in the Fujisawa SST Council prepared special content and held workshops.

Further, the members of the resident circle also performed on stage.

The fair booth, which was the second collaboration between the Fujisawa SST Committee and the council, was a particularly great success, especially among children.

At Fujisawa SST, we will continue to create new services together with residents taking advantage of the strength of being an actual close-knit town and community formed by residents and companies.

Please look forward to the future activities of Fujisawa SST.

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