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Town Meeting was held under the theme of “Thinking about a new home delivery service”.

6 1, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

On May 31th at Fujisawa SST SQUARE, a town meeting between residents and Fujisawa SST committee, and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. who is planning to start a new service from next spring, was held under the theme of “Thinking about a new service which makes Fujisawa SST lifestyle more convenient”, to discuss about the new service for Fujisawa SST residents.

More than 20 people attended the meeting, and they actively discussed about fresh ideas beyond ‘home delivery service’, and also about unique ideas inspired by their daily problems. It was really a fruitful discussion.

Residents and associated companies continue to work together for creating a new service so that they will sustain a town with eco & comfortable life.

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