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Saudi Press Agency from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia inspected Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town.

10 13, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

Mr.Ibrahim Saad Ali AL-TURKI from Saudi Press Agency, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who was invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Office of the Press Secretary for the purpose to find the actual facts of Japanese politics, economics, and society, visited Japan and inspected Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town on Oct 8th. He showed his interests in “the way of thinking and concept of the town creation”, then inspected each facilities such as “Fujisawa SST SQUARE”, “a model house”, “Committee Center” which is a gathering place for residents, and “Community Solar” which is a solar power generation system installed for 400 meters length along with the prefectural road.

He commented that “I would like to live in such a wonderful town. It is great that the town creation with renewable energy and each systems has proceeded through thinking for the future of Japanese young generation. It is also splendid that residents are living in peaceful and good circumstances with a high level of eco consciousness, and such awareness will be inherited to the future generations. I felt that the town itself has performing as an energy saving school. I hope that this will be a core project and spread out all over the world. Today’s visit to this town will remain as an unforgettable memory in my mind.”