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Test run of next-generation mobility was conducted in the west area of Fujisawa SST.

12 1, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

In the west area of Fujisawa SST, utilizing the empty space effectively for 2 years until starting construction, proving test of the latest technologies and services to realize more comfortable smart life has been conducted. From Nov 23th to 27th, test run of next-generation mobility was conducted in cooperation with Suzuki Motor Corporation. Applicants mostly from town management company did a test drive, and got feedbacks regarding how they can utilize the mobility for their work, and for what purpose they would use in their private life.

The comments from applicants saying that “A small car can easily make sharp turns. Easy to drive.” “Easy to handle.” “We often make a house visit. So it would enable us to expand the services for residents.” “It’s convenient as we can take flexible actions at the event.” “Eco & quiet EV car is suitable for smart town.” Through the proving test of next-mobility, we can expect that new mobility services will be launched in this town.

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