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Fujisawa SST Ambassador was introduced in ‘Surfrider Foundation Japan’

2 25, 2017

Fujisawa SST Council

‘Surfrider Foundation Japan’ International Environmental Non-Governmental Organization is aiming to protect our ocean and nature in Japan.MS. KURITA NAOMI, the ambassador of Fujisawa SST Management company, she is also official pro-surfer of JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Association), her activity and the project of Fujisawa SST was introduced. Fujisawa SST Ambassador has advertised the attraction of Fujisawa SST and have taken building community on herself making use of the experience and knowledge so that she has learned from the sea as professional surfer.

Surfrider Foundation was established in 1984.That roots from California, USA. With passion to the ocean the same, Surfrider Foundation Japan plan to fight against needs of Japanese coastline and nature because protecting ocean surrounding Japan means protecting global ocean community.She introduced the system that allows residents to lead an ‘Eco & Smart Lifestyle’. As the ambassador, it was also introduced her efforts to developing the community through taking some events of the sea or surfing for Fujisawa SST resident.

photo/ Yokoyama Taisuke

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