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Pana Home delivered a lecture at “The 11th World Exhibition and Internatinal Forum of Renewable Energy”

7 22, 2016

PanaHome Corporaion

“The 11th World Exhibition and international Forum of Renewable Energy” was held for 3days at the Pacifico Yokohama from Jun 29th to July 1st. PanaHome delivered a lecture titled by “Live in Japan tomorrow. Creation of everlasting secured and comfortable house and town” under the theme of “Environment, Energy, Health and Comfortability” at the environmental architecture forum which held in the afternoon of July 30th.
In the begining, we introduced our company history while explanation that a passion for housing of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, who is a founder of Panasonic group, was the origin of the company foundation. Then, we explained in details of our approach and countermeasure against the situation in Japan, such as a country of frequent earthquake, a short life-cycle of housing, a low fulfillment status in self-sufficiency rate of energy.
We mentioned that the great earthquake with an seismic intensity of 7,the first time in recorded history, happened two times in a few days in Kumamoto Earthquake on April. By showing a verification video of actual vibration experiment, we explained that a strong quake-resistance of PanaHome house against repeating earthquake was proved in such a severe earthquake.
As it was a renewable energy forum, we also introduced “Zero Eco” which outperform “Zero Energy House(ZEH)”. Furthermore,we explained “Eco-Navi ventilation system HEPA+” as PanaHome’s persistence for indoor air quality, and acquisition of “Green card housing certification” from the viewpoint of “Health and Comfortability”.
Then, we introduced “Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town” as an example of renewable energy utilization.
Lastly, we stated that we will keep on creating “A value for new life” as Panasonic housing company.