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A little emergency drill event was conducted by FujisawaSST disaster prevention commission

7 11, 2016

Fujisawa SST Council

On July 10th, a little emergency drill was conducted by FujisawaSST disaster prevention commission of FujisawaSST Committee. About 100 people from 50 households gathered at committee center, and a chairman of disaster prevention commission delivered his opening address for the drill. FujisawaSST set a safety and security target CCP (community continuity plan), which plots a recovery path from emergency to normal conditions in the event of emergencies, to secure lifeline resources for 3days. Every detached house in FujisawaSST is equipped with a solar power generation system or the ENE-FARM household fuel cell cogeneration system, and a storage battery so that residents can ensure the devices keep running all the day even in case of power outages.
This emergency drill was conducted for the purpose of educating residents how to use the electric devices and storage batteries equipped in their houses in case of emergency, and actually experienced using the electronic devices at home during a blackout.

As the first step, Mr.Morita from New Industrial Business Promotion Center Energy Systems Business Division Eco Solutions Company Panasonic Corporation lectured at committee center about a solar power generation system, storage battery, ENE-FARM , and the attendee learned what amount of electricity is available at home in case of emergency.
After that, attendee went back to home and knocked out power at home to examine what happens. They checked the electricity usage on HEMS, storage batteries to verify what amount of electricity of home appliances is available in case of blackout.
Then, they gathered at committee center again to discuss about what they felt through the blackout examination and also exchanged opinions with each other .
In order to create a secure and safe town, to prepare for unexpected happnings, we would periodically conduct the town wide drills like this.

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