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Delivered a lecture regarding FujisawaSST project at ARISE symposium

5 19, 2016

Panasonic Corporation

On May 10th at TKP Garden City Nagatacho (Tokyo), May 18th at TKP Garden City Higashi Umeda (Osaka), in cooperation with National Resilience Promotion Office of Cabinet Secretariat, ARISE Japan Collaboration Committee and Association for Resilience Japan hosted a symposium, and a lecture about FujisawaSST project was delivered by Panasonic. Starting this year, the symposium also includes an introduction of ”Resilience Certification” which is a new system for business continuity(BC) aim at promoting whole society’s resilience structure, therefore with its theme of ” Resilient Management ~ Japan’s measures and overseas market trend”, lecturer and listner from a wide range of fields took part, and a variety theme of presentation regarding international standard of resilience and the latest trend of BCP were provided.

With a theme of “Contribute in realizing a sustainable and resilient society through business ~ Introduction of FujisawaSST project” , we(Panasonic) mainly focused on FujisawaSST’s distinctive safe and security target “CCP” to introduce our town project considering both normal and emergent situations, infrastructures, facilities, and also introduced the activities like emergency drill event which aim at raising awareness of emergent situations.

We are pleased to introduce the FujisawaSST project to lots of people, as there were almost 350 people present at both Tokyo and Osaka.

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