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AIN GROUP, which is planning to open a pharmacy in this autumn, held a seminar for students in pharmaceutical department

2 12, 2016

Fujisawa SST Council

A seminar was held at Fujisawa SST SQUARE on Feb 7th. It was oriented by AIN GROUP which is planning to open a pharmacy at WELLNESS SQUARE in this autumn, and held for students who will start job hunting.

In the beginning, Panasonic, a lead organizer of Fujisawa SST council, introduced Fujisawa SST town development project with five services for a comfortable life.Then, AIN GROUP made a presentation for a community medicine, a home medical treatment and a utilization of ICT to deal with a coming aging society, under the theme of “Future pharmacy which we need for a coming community medicine.”After that, students and staff members were divided into groups and had active discussions for a future pharmacy, and a pharmacy located in the smart town with integral services provided.

Student said that,
– We learned a pharmacy which provides not only a dispensing, but also a contribution for a town-wide healthcare with utilization of ICT, and a target of a pharmacy in the future.
– It was a great time to think about a home medical treatment, and a state of a pharmacist in the future.
– By learning the possible state of future medicine in Japan, I could imagine myself working in the future medicine.
– Image of a pharmacy changed by 180 degrees after joining this seminar.