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Fujisawa SST Cultural Festival 2021 Held

11 3, 2021

Fujisawa SST Management Company&Fujisawa SST Council

We held an online cultural festival on the theme of “Energize people, energize the town. ~ Fujisawa SST Cultural Festival 2021~”. “Town Parents”, residents and representatives from companies related to Fujisawa SST, participated in the festival.

The festival’s aim is to foster and develop the community. This was the fifth time the festival has been held, though the first time for it to be held online.

During the festival, a group of Town Parents, helped by contributions of original content and planning assistance from council companies, organized the “Remote Quiz Tournament for All,” fostering a new form of community development.

At Fujisawa SST, we will continue to make use of the advantages and strengths of being a working town where a community of residents and companies works together, and will continue to promote the creation of new services together with residents.

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