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Received the Robot Award of “Chairman’s Award of Japan Machinery Federation”

10 12, 2022

Panasonic Holdings Corporation & Fujisawa SST Management Company

On October 12, 2022, “X-Area Robot Delivery Service” won the ” Chairman’s Award of Japan Machinery Federation” at THE 10TH ROBOT AWARD.

The robot delivery service began operating as a demonstration experiment at Fujisawa SST in November 2020.

Panasonic Holdings, Fujisawa SST Management Company, and local residents, stores are working together to conduct demonstration experiments aiming to create practical services.

The project was highly praised for delivering for both being a service that customers pay for, and its development cycle wherein practical issues are identified, technical solutions are proposed and implemented, and the service is consistently evaluated and improved.

Further, the combination of a Remote Control System with an Automatic Delivery Robot contributed to the revision of the law regarding robot mobility on public roads, and has been highly praised for greatly expanding the scope of possibility with regard to robot utilization.

Going forward, Panasonic Holdings and Fujisawa SST Management Company will continue to realize a well-being society with Fujisawa SST as the starting point.

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