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Health check event for traffic safety driving was held!

6 25, 2023

We held a traffic safe driving health care check event with the cooperation of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police.

At the Ein Pharmacy’s Fujisawa SST store, participating seniors were given the opportunity to take a cognitive function test (using the genuine experience app “MOGI”). The test is usually administered when renewing a driver’s license. They were also given the opportunity to try the “ONSEI” application which checks cognitive functions by using AI to analyze speech functions.

At another venue, Cocofump Fujisawa SST, the “Travik II” program to help people avoid accidents involving elderly drivers was held. Participants were also able to check their driving ability using “Yutori-go,” a vehicle equipped with sensors designed to analyze and report on driving habits. There was even an exhibition of police cars and motorcycles, and participants even had the chance to ride them.

Many residents participated in the various events and had fun while learning about traffic safety.

At Ein Pharmacy’s Fujisawa SST store, we will contribute to the realization of a healthier and more happy life for FSST residents and other members of the local community through these kinds of events.

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