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Fujisawa SST held “Wellness Marche”!

11 26, 2023

Fujisawa SST Council

On Saturday, November 26th, “Fujisawa SST Wellness Marche” was held at the Wellness SQUARE South Building.

The Wellness Marche was spearheaded by Gakken Cocofump, and the organizers wanted to create an opportunity for the local community to learn about health, welfare, and education while also having fun.

Despite the bitterly cold weather on the day of the event, more than 200 people attended.

The “Dementia Supporter Training Course”, held for the first time in a while, was well received with nearly 20 participants, including local residents, students, and staff.

In the exchange hall, consultation sessions on nursing care and end-of-life care were held. Additionally, home caregivers gave aroma hand massages, and nursery staff prepared a hands-on play area.

Outside the venue, local businesses contributed to the event. Farm-fresh vegetables directly from farmers, drinks from Meiji Dairies Corporation, bread from bakery “panyubo kamekichi”, and crepe kitchen cart were all on site, and participants were offered complimentary cotton candy and popcorn. The outdoor venue was bustling throughout.

Children also enjoyed conversing with HAKOBO-OriHime, which made an appearance at lunchtime.

Wellness Square, a comprehensive base for health, welfare, and education, we will continue to develop initiatives that will benefit the local community.

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