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Fujisawa SST Grand Opening 5th Anniversary Event

11 17, 2019

Fujisawa SST Council

Fujisawa SST celebrated its 5th anniversary since the grand opening in November 2014.

This event was held to commemorate the town’s 5th anniversary, to reflect upon its original concept, and to think about future development. 51 people from 20 companies of Fujisawa SST Council participated the event.

In Fujisawa SST, the city’s development progress ratio has reached over 80%, and the detached house residential block (561 houses) has been completed, allowing for the city to grow and have over 1,900 residents. Further, Shonan T-SITE (commercial facility), Wellness Square (health and welfare education facility), and Next Delivery Square (next-generation logistics facility) are operating smoothly. We aim to continue developing as a city, and create new services together with the town’s residents, companies, universities and government

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