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Start of Testing of Automatic Delivery Robot Equipped with Self-driving Technology in Fujisawa SST

7 22, 2020

Fujisawa SST Council

On July 22, we demonstrated the autonomous and
remote operation of the automatic delivery robot at
the outdoor private property “Breeze Garden” in
Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST).

This test was conducted in response to the increase
in demand brought about by the continuing spread
of the Novel Coronavirus for contactless delivery via
self-guided delivery robots. The test was conducted
using the autonomous driving technology and RC
system (remote control system) developed by
Panasonic in response to this demand.

In order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus
infections, on the day of the experiment,
participants were divided into multiple small groups
to observe demonstrations. One participant
expressed high expectations, remarking, “I was very
excited to see the actual robot in operation. While
paying close attention to safety concerns and social
acceptance, I once again felt that it would be great
to see actual deployment of a delivery robot service
at as early a stage as possible.”

The Fujisawa SST Council will continue to develop
possible deployment plans, including trials on

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