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Fujisawa SST held a beach seining event.

6 10, 2015

Fujisawa SST Management Company

60 families (190 people) of FSST residents gathered for a beach seining on June 6th, Sat.
A treasure hunting for kids started right after they arrived at the beachside. Kids played the hunting game excitedly and made us feel that we want to join the game together.
After the game, the beach seining finally started. Firstly, a net which was set offshore was drained towards to seaside by machine. Then everyone worked together to haul the net for remaining 100 meters. We catched “rounded cuttlefish”, “filefish”, “black sea bream”, and “young anchovies, a speciality of Shonan region”. We also catched a small size of sharks and rays. It was a valuable time for us to feel sea creatures close by.
Each residents brought lunchbox by themselves and ate lunch with “tempura” which was fried by a master of fishermen.

Beach valleyball game by adults held in the strong wind in the afternoon. It was an exciting game lived up with continuance of strategic plays beyond our imagination.
It ends with beach area cleaning and tidying up.
It was a refresing day that we could feel the beginning of the Shonan summer.

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