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Fujisawa SST emergency drill was held.

11 22, 2015

Fujisawa SST Management Company

FSST emergency drill was held on Sunday, Nov 15th. It stopped raining before the starting time of 10 o’clock a.m. and 87 household of residents joined.It was aimed to encourage a residents-oriented emergency drill in which residents will understand town-wide target of CCP ’Community Continuity Plan’, under the theme of “Emergency drill arranged by FSST self-managed disaster prevention committee”.In the first half of the session, we supposed that we are in the emergency situation and trained to set up a FSST disaster prevention headquarter, then we examined emergency stock piles and safety of facilities under the lead of the leaders of disaster prevention committee. We also examined coordination with SQUARE office which will be a base of planning and operation for recovering in the timing of emergency as CCP center.

In the latter half of the session, we executed disaster prevention programs in which the ideas of self-help assistance, and mutual assistance are considered.
We asked residents to experience various programs so that residents will be able to cooperate and help each other in the emergency case.

Emergency drill is one of the most important event for FSST. We would like to strive to keep on raising the awareness of disaster prevention.

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