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Conducted a class to learn about disaster prevention in an enjoyable way

7 28, 2016

FujisawaSST Management Company

On July 28th (Thursday), FujisawaSST Management Company conducted a class to learn about disaster prevention in an enjoyable way.
We invited a lecturer from NPO “MAMA PLUG” for the second of three consecutive class, in which attendees exchanged their opinions through games and group works.
In the last half of class, they made a list of what they should have in their own emergency pack, and shared the list with other group members, then made a presentation.
Necessary items are not the same for each person.
It depends on the gender, age, condition, and if they have a child or a pet, so they had to consider from every perspective.
One of the attendees commented “I have a store-bought emergency pack which is still unpacked.
I would go straight to check what items are packed, then repack it as my original emergency pack.
A lot of people gather at the shelter in times of disaster, therefore we might be faced with a diversity of ideas or opinions.
Through the class, we were also reminded that continuous communication between neighboring areas are also important.
As for the coming third class program, strolling around with their own emergency pack is on the menu.