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An event celebrating Fujisawa SST’s new year (cheering the Hakone Ekiden) took place.

1 7, 2016

Fujisawa SST Council

On Jan 3rd(Sunday), an annual event “Fujisawa SST new year celebration” took place.

Prefectural road which runs south side of Fujisawa SST is a part of Hakone Ekiden (long distance road relay) course. Since early morning, member of Fujisawa SST council which is consist of 19 various groups(companies) wore “happi” and provided hot soup to the supporters from neighboring area.

Despite it was no wind and warm day, contrary to our expectation, a lot of people made a long line for hot soup when runners passed by. Shooting and ringtoss game were provided to the children.

This year, a booth introducing town facilities was newly set. Not just regarding houses and SHONAN T-SITE, a wellness square which is scheduled to be open after this autumn was relieved on display panel, to introduce an evolving town Fujisawa SST.

After watching Hakone Ekiden, together with Fujisawa SST residents, a networking event was held at committee center. Members from Fujisawa SST council and residents celebrated a new year, and also they were thrilled to talk about a variety of newly launched projects expected in 2016.

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