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Lecture of disaster prevention for children and parent.

6 19, 2016

FujisawaSST Management Company

Fujisawa SST Management Company hosted a lecture of disaster prevention for children and parent, which a little child can join with their parent on Jun 19th. Fujisawa SST residents and neighbors, about 10 people, gathered to join. An instructor from NPO MAMA-PLUG explained what we can learn from previous earthquakes, a key for evacuation for parents with children, and mental care for children and parents.
We could share actual cases and situations in the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as comments from people who couldn’t get contact with their family, a life with infant in a shelter, a case when parents couldn’t pick up their kids from a nursery school.
We had enough time to think together with the instructor and attendees.
All attendees tried to eat emergency food, alpha-rice and canned soft bread in the latter half part of the lecture.
It is important that people do not separate emergency food from usual food, become familiar with, and eat emergency food in everyday life, then fill with new stock in order to actualize a “Rolling Stock” in a regular basis.
We provided attendees the emergency food, which they actually tried to eat, as souvenier.
We planned to have lectures for 3 times.
The first was executed by a classroom-style.
The second was a group-work-study of the preparation for each family.
And the third is planned to be a walking-style-study with emergency bag.