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Fujisawa SST Ambassador speaks at junior high school

10 1, 2019

Fujisawa SST Management Company

Ambassador of Fujisawa SST Management Company and professional surfer Matsunaga Naomi, talked about her role in the Fujisawa SST project, as well as how she manages both of her careers during the vocational experience class at Chigasaki City Daiichi Junior High School.
Fujisawa SST ambassador is PR representative of Fujisawa SST. Her main role in the Fujisawa SST project is to present the good qualities of the SST to the world and community development.

Her 60-minute talk focused on why she chose her current position, what her job is, as well as the rewards, hardships, and joys of her work. Matsunaga wanted the talk to be an opportunity for students to think about their future and what they can do now.
Students who listened to her talk said they were interested in Fujisawa SST’s urban development and learned the importance of pursuing their dreams.

Fujisawa SST Management Company will continue to make efforts to communicate with and contribute to local communities.