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FSST’s Official Tour Visitors exceeded 30,000

9 13, 2019

Fujisawa SST Management Company

On September 13, 2019, the number of official tour visitors to Fujisawa SST exceeded 30,000.A party from the East Japan Railway Company became our memorable 30,000th visitor. The party was presented with FujisawaSST’s original coffee and memorial coasters, and photos were taken to commemorate this achievement.

Since the grand opening in November 2014, we have been able to realize three official tours for BtoB customers per day on average.

Government officials and companies of various industries from over 50 countries have paid a visit to FSST. The operation is undertaken by Fujisawa SST Management Co., which provides information of the town at FujisawaSST SQUARE. In addition to presenting the concept and background of our project, actual visits to commercial facilities and residential areas are run by the company.

From the visitors, we received words such as “It was very helpful”, and “We can see the effort put into making the town with the residents very well!”.

Please expect future progress of our tours along with the development of the town. We are looking forward to welcoming more visitors.

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