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Kanagawa prefecture holds “SDGs Impact

3 25, 2019

Kanagawa prefecture

Kanagawa prefecture held a symposium on “SDGs Impact Assessment” as a progress report meeting for the “SDGs Social Impact Assessment and Verification Project.” The project belongs to the prefecture’s “Local Government SDGs model projects.

”Using the Fujisawa SST as a field of demonstration, the “SDGs Social Impact Assessment and Verification Project” has “visualized” its contributions towards achieving SDGs regarding the “Construction of community care by multi-generation collaboration,” which is currently being promoted by the SST. We have also established a demonstration and guidelines that will lead to project improvement. In addition, we deliberated on a system in which we can yield sustainable and sufficient funds toward businesses and organizations that generate such social impacts.

The Fujisawa SST Council also took the rostrum as one of the panelists at the symposium along with other businesses and funders who are participating in the project. The Council shared its results and findings from the field, and discussed about sustainable fund circulation and ideal ways of establishing an ecosystem for achieving SDGs.

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“SDGs Social Impact Assessment Demonstration Project” accomplishment report (available only in Japanese)

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