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”Experience the Staff’s Creative-Assistant Works at FERMENT Gallery”, career experience event was held

1 20, 2018


On January 20, 2018 (Saturday), SQUARE Lab’s “Food and Manufacturing Studio FERMENT” held an event of career experience called “Experience the Staff’s Creative-Assistant Works at FERMENT Gallery”. Two elementary school sisters living in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town joined the event.

Our main purposes are as flows: let the attendant(s) 1) understand FERMENT and 2) have a feeling of closeness to FERMENT through their experience.

They helped our acrylic parts processing requested by an acrylic accessary designer. In more precise, they removed papers attached to the acrylic boards just cut out by a laser cutter one by one before delivering the acrylic boards to the designer.
Though it was so detailed work which needs the power of concentration, the two sisters seemed they were enjoying the work; they finally asked us “Can you give us another two hours?!”.
Further, we are happy to know that the accessory designer was so satisfied with their result, too.

We hope this kind of activities are held for long time so that whole residents of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town can communicate with neighbors by this kind of events.