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Mr. Nishime, a State Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications inspected an experiment of “L alert”.

6 16, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

On Jun 3rd and 4th: ‘L alert’ which delivers the collective and quick transmission of disaster-related information transmitted by municipalities, including evacuation instructions, held a joint drill throughout Japan. At the same time, the experiment of Panasonic System Networks’s device which is linked with L-alert was held at Fujisawa SST, and executives from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications including Mr. Nishime (State Minister for
Internal Affairs and Communications), and a mayor of Fujisawa city Mr. Suzuki attended the experiment.

A test for receivng and displaying disaster informations issued by Fujisawa city on the televisions installed in Fujisawa SST Square’s meeting room and show room, was conducted. Also Fujisawa SST’s strategy for creating disaster-resistant town, for example energy management and disaster preparedness were indroduced to the guests, in which the guests showed an interest.

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