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Fujisawa SST won an award for “Good Design Award 2015”

10 8, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

On Sep 29th, Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST) won an award for “Good Design Award 2015″(which is organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion). This award commends the design for “Regional/Community development and social contribution activities”. Efforts of Fujisawa SST toward creating sustainable smart town was highly-appraised.

【Judging committee’s evaluation】
When thinking about our near future, this project covers everything that must be done for residential area. In most cases, disaster prevention and wellness, community, energy saving are dealt with individually, therefore, we guess that there was a lot of difficulties with realizing as a whole town project. We expect the further development in formation of the town.

Fujisawa SST is a project to create a town based on actual lifestyles, and is led by partner companies and groups promoting advanced initiatives, under the concept of “Bringing energy to life”. For the sake of town’s future, numerical targets which is consist of 3-theme: “Environment” “Energy” “Safety and security” have been established to set a direction for creating the town. Besides, in order to realize a state-of-art lifestyle, necessary services and structures for the town development are based on residential comfort. These schemes are comprehensively evaluated, and considered to be worthy of this prize.

At Fujisawa SST, residents and people gather in town will continue to innovate new services and technologies for town’s growth in a sustainable way. Such an actual lifestyle-based innovative system will continue to “Bring energy” to all aspects of life, for example ENERGY, SECURITY, MOBILITY, WELNESS, COMMUNITY, and even in case of an emergency.


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