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Being Awarded as a Certified “Eco-Friendly Town Development Operating Organization”

9 1, 2020

Fujisawa SST Management Company

9On September 1, Fujisawa SST Management Company was certified by Kanagawa Prefecture as the first “Eco-Friendly Town Development Operating Organization” and was granted the certification mark.
The system certifies organizations that are proactively engaged in sustained eco-friendly development as “Eco-Friendly Town Development Operating Organizations” based on applicants meeting the four urban development goals stipulated in the “Eco-friendly index”.

At the certification ceremony, Kanagawa Prefecture praised Fujisawa SST’s efforts and expressed hope for the future, commenting: “In order to utilize the blessings of nature based on the town rules designated by the Fujisawa SST Committee, Fujisawa SST Management Company has been actively striving not only to coexist with living things, including native species such as Machilus thunbergia, but has also achieved effective energy management through visualizing the amount of energy consumed.

”At Fujisawa SST, we aim to work actively with all stakeholders to create a sustainable city that fully supports and utilizes the blessings of nature, one that is “eco-friendly & comfortable” and “safe & secure.”

Ref.: On the Designation / Certification system for creating an Environmentally Friendly Town Development


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