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A lecture regarding Fujisawa SST project was executed at “Smart Energy Seminar” arranged by Kanagawa prefecture.

12 1, 2015

Fujisawa SST Council

“Smart Energy Seminar” arranged by Kanagawa prefecture with a support by Fujisawa city was held at Fujisawa ND building on Nov, 24th.

Kanagawa prefecture created “Kanagawa Smart Energy Plan” in April of 2014. They set a high level of target which 45% of prefectural electricity consumption amount will be supplied by the distributed power sources, such as renewable energy, gas co-generation, hydrogen energy, and etc., by the year of 2030. Various measures were proceeded to spread and expand the distributed power source system. “Smart Energy Seminars” were planned to be held three times in this fiscal year under the theme of “Shifting of age for energy to be locally produced for locally consumed” and the seminar held this time at Fujisawa was the second one.

Firstly, a keynote speech was made by Mayumi Matsumoto, Visiting Assistant Professor, Special Division for Energy and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, under the theme of “A new target for renewable energy”.
Then, Panasonic, a lead organizer of the Fujisawa SST council, made a speech by showing a movie to introduce the background and concept of Fujisawa SST, as one of the initiative examples for realization of “Energy by local production for local consumption”.

Over 90 audiences from energy companies, local governments, and Non-profit organizations joined on the day, and gave us lots of comments. “We were surprised by Fujisawa SST ongoing project.”, “We’d like to help the future development of Fujisawa Smart Town.”, and “We are expecting to see the next big project which will follow to FSST.”

We would like appreciate all of your supports and keep on striving to make a further progress to fit the expectations against Fujisawa SST project.

The next seminar, “Kanagawa Prefecture Smart Energy Seminar, the 3rd” is planned to be held on Jan, 13th. Please refer to the link below.

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