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Fujisawa SST was introduced at an environmental symposium 2015.

12 17, 2015

PanaHome Corporation

On Dec 17th (Thursday), environmental symposium was hosted by Japan Prefabricated Construction Suppliers and Manufacturers Association at Panasonic Center TOKYO. In addition to the popularization of eco-friendly smart house and smart city which are designed to save and generate energy, “health” and “sustainability of the life” of residents who live in aging society with fewer children were also focused, and a lecture was given by Prof.Ikaga from Keio University. Fujisawa SST was introduced to a lot of dedicated attendees as one of the example of Pana Home’s effort. Also a concept “Bringing energy to life”, environmental targets, and Fujisawa SST’s original “Parent Project” were introduced along with a variety of appeal point of this town, and at the same time, it was a good opportunity to let them know that not only tangible elements but intangible elements are important for a future smart town.