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Fujisawa SST Won WELLNESS AWARD OF THE YEAR 2017 “Municipal sector”

12 14, 2017

Fujisawa SST Council

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (hereinafter called as “Fujisawa SST”)’s efforts to pursue next-generation lifestyle by combining advanced technology with town planning was highly appreciated as a role model to support residents’ psychosomatic health throughout the town, and we won the “Municipality Division Award at “WELLNESS AWARD OF THE YEAR 2017. The awarding ceremony was held on December 14th.

“WELLNESS AWARD OF THE YEAR” was started last year as a co-hosted award by FiNC Inc., a Mobile Health Technology venture and a publishing firm “Forbes Japan” and is to praise people who are both mentally and physically healthy as a role model and companies that support people’s mental and physical health, local governments, and so on.

Fujisawa SST promotes town development that enables all inhabitants, from elderly people to children, can live healthily and by their own values. “Wellness SQUARE” will work as a core for medical, nursing care, child parenting support and multi-generation exchange base. We are promoting advanced measures to seamlessly provide services tailored to residents’ needs, in collaboration with medical, nursing, nursing care, and pharmacies that have been separated as separate fields. We have also prepared a system to nurture and exchange people gathering at Wellness SQUARE. These points were highly evaluated this time, and the “Municipal Sector Award” of “WELLNESS AWARD OF THE YEAR 2017″ was given to us.

Fujisawa SST will continue our efforts for the town hoping all the inhabitants involved us can be healthy and happy.

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