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“Yado-Free Project” Adopted PanaHome’s New Show House for Lodging Experience.

12 11, 2017

PanaHome Corporation

Recently, PanaHome’s New Show House for Lodging Experience (located at Zone no. 12-1, and to be opened in December) was adopted as a special category of “Yado-Free (Free-stay-house) Project”. “Yado-Free Project” is launched to create Eco-Future-House” which is one of the “COOL CHOICE(*)” promoted by Ministry of the Environment.

“Yado-Free Project” is a program which enables the visitors charge-free experience the future lifestyle such as ZEH, the superb heat insulation capacity; and ”Feel outdoor life in your house”, the newest green home electronics with won unified category-5 eco label. Further, the project is collaborating with radio program “Fantasy Media (TOKYO FM)” where our project was introduced.

PanaHome Corporation will contribute to enlightenment and familiarization of ZEH houses through this program.

>> REF: ”COOL CHOICE” website “Yado-Free Project”

(*) “COOL CHOICE” is a movement promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. In order to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% during fiscal year of 2013 and 2030, let citizens replace to energy-saving / low-carbon type products and services, make efforts of “Wise choice” which will serve as global warming countermeasures, including selection of their lifestyle. Themes as “5-star home appliance replacement campaign”, “eco housing campaign”, “choice! Eco car campaign” and so on are especially focused on here.

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