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”Experience FERMENT Gallery Staff’s works”, career experience event was held

9 30, 2017


On September 30, 2017, SQUARE Lab “FERMENT” have held an event of career experience “Experience FERMENT Gallery Staff’s works”.
An elementary student who lives in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town joined the event.
Our main purposes are as flows:let them 1) understand FERMENT and 2) have a feeling of closeness to FERMENT.
The main contents are, 1) to make her understand guiding the works displayed in the store, 2) to lay out displays for the merchandising of our works, and 3) creating Halloween-themed bags used in the store.

Though it was the first time for her to visit us, she tried to lay out the goods so that they are more charming, showed her interest on our service starting from October.
She even cheerfully said us “I would like to bring my friends and guide them here!”.
We will hold this kind of career experience events so that the residents at Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town can enjoy and can feel something familiar to our town.
Next event will be held on coming October 14 with the same contents.