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Work experience event “Support creating products by FERMENT staff”was held.

8 20, 2017


On thursday,3th Aug. 2017, at SQUARE Lab Food and Handmade studio FERMENT, work experience event “Support creating products by FERMENT staff” was held. 3 of elementary school students living in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town.

This event was held under the aim to become more familier and more learning about the FERMENT through the experience-oriented program.Mainly, they had works as well-organaized display some accessary parts of Parts Buffet that is offered in the shop, cut bracelet strings equally , stamp shopping bags for putting the goods be sold in.

Children acted as their guardians expects them to work efficiently and courteously, every children were very nice staff all day.
Children told very cheerfully that ’I want to do the experience again.’ , ’I want to come here when the parts was displayed.’ It seemed to feel familiar with not only the work but also the FERMENT staff’s self through this event.

We will have this event looking forward to make more Fujisawa SST regidence familiar with FERMENT.

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