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Work experience program, “Children’s Pharmacy Experience “was held.

7 30, 2017

Ain Pharmaciez Inc. AIN Pharmacy FujisawaSST

On Saturday,29.Jul.2017, at AIN Pharmacy Fujisawa SST in Wellness SQUARE South-Building, “Children’s Pharmacy Experience “was held. 8 elementary school students living in Fujisawa Sustainable Town participated.

In this event, it was held with the aim of learning about pharmacist and the work of pharmacy through the pharmacy experience,
They changed clothes to a white coat of pharmacist, they had a simulated working experience with setting some candies using like medicine, measuring of syrup, packing powdered medicine and dispensing some ointment. At the last part of this event, they explained about how to take or way to use medicines that they were prepared to their parents of the patient part.
The Children had very serious looks on their face, but also their parents watched over them in nervous.

It was able to make some kinds of medicines well by all together, and their expression has changed from serious to smile when the event was finished. Some of children said “I want to be a pharmacist in the future.” with bright eyes.

We are going to hold this event in the future, as our corporate social responsibility.

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