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Work experience program, ”security guard experience” was held.

7 18, 2017

ALSOK(Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd.)

On public holiday,17.Jul.2017, the work experience program was held at Next Delivery SQUARE. 13 children from 4 to 8 years old who living in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town participated. This event was held with the aim of learning about the work of security guard having fun through the experience-oriented program.

On the day, firstly, there was explained about the work of security patrol and the knowledge from ALSOK security guard.
And then, they had a patorol around the each of facilities in Fujisawa SST.
They received kind words of cheer by resident, visitor and staff of facilities who passed each other on the way of patrol around FujisawaSST.

It was very hot day, but children had completely finished a patrol as safety and very well.
They had also very interested in the uniform and patrol goods when it was finished.
Almost their parents participated, it seems to be a good opportunity to understanding about each facilities in this town where useally don’t visit.

In the future, we wish there will be more children that ’ I want to be a ALSOk security guard.’
We will continue with our efforts to make the safety and security town as “there is always ALSOK in this town” for residence.

We are going to hold this event in the future, as our corporate social responsibility.

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