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Receive Recognitions at 18th Annual Logistics Environment Awards “Logistics Environmental Conservation Activities Award”

6 30, 2017

Fujisawa SST Council Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

The effort to reduce burden on the environment with more efficient distribution of the next generation logistics facility “”Next Delivery SQUARE”” managed by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. in Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town was appreciated in , it received recognitions at 18th Annual Logistics Environment Awards “”Logistics Environmental Conservation Activities Award” by Japan Association for logistics and Transport.

1.”Logistics Environmental Conservation Activities Award”
it is sponsored by Japan Association for logistics and Transport. To aiming for promotion of environmental preservation activities and improving environmental consciousness in logistics department, it is a program of recognize the organizations and companies or individuals contributing to the sound development of logistics.

2.Award details
(1)Result:Logistics Environmental Conservation Activities Award
(2)Achievment: the Centralized Distribution system “”Next Delivery Square “”of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town
(3)scheme: Fujisawa SST we are developing in Fujisawa city ,Kanagawa pre. that we will build an actual smart town with 1,000 household. We are not simply aiming to develop a town underpinned by advanced technology-based infrastructure, but a town based on actual lifestyles.

Next Delivery SQUARE of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. provides Centralized Delivery Service that gathers packages handled by different courier companies at one place and deliver all together to each house using electric vehicles and manual bicycle-trailers. So that it is possible to reduce the delivery vehicle and contribute to reductions of CO2 emissions and improvement of safety. From march 2017, it has been started on-demand distribution service that send a notice of the delivery schedule or the delivery in absence to smart TV’s installed in all homes. The residence became able to change the delivery date and the receiving place through the smart TV as needed and to receive home-delivery packages in Eco and Smart. And Next Delivery SQUARE contribute to reduce environmental burden of the whole town through the introduction of solar panels and LED lightings as a smart facility of creating energy.

※Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. H.P.
※Japan Association for logistics and Transport. H.P.

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