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We conducted A test-ride event of the electric wheelchair ‘Seniorcar’ running through the side walk without driving license.

1 30, 2017

The Fujisawa SST Council.

27. Jan. 2017 We conducted A test-ride description event of the electric wheelchair ‘Seniorcar’ by SUZUKI Co., Ltd. at Wellness Square where is a complex facility providing healthcare, welfare, and education in Fujisawa sustainable town.That ‘Seniorcar’ is an electric cart unnecessary driver license. By the cooperation of SUZUKI Co., Ltd., now, we consider experimentally rental services in Wellness Square with Serviced residential home for elderly.’Seniorcar’ running through side-walk in 2~6km/h is interpreted as pedestrian on Road Traffic Law so that people can use it in convenience when they go out or shopping in every day.

About 20 people of resident in the Serviced residential home for elderly participated in this event, some people had test driving that in actually.In Fujisawa Sustainable Town, we will build a sustainable town enabling residents to have eco-friendly, safety, security and comfortable lifestyles by services commencing with Wellness and Mobility. We will brush up the Fujisawa model and actively promote trials like this in the future.

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