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Yamato Transport and Panasonic hosted a work experience event!

3 12, 2023

Fujisawa SST Council

Yamato Transport (Nekosapo), based in Next Delivery Square, and Panasonic Group’s automatic delivery robot (Shonan HAKOBO) collaborated to hold a work experience event for children!

On this day, children attended a safety class at Next Delivery Square, and learned how to cross pedestrian crossings and about the danger posed by blind spots.

After loading goods into a Shonan HAKOBO, it’s time to start delivering them to the city!

Children carried goods to the Gakken Cocofump facility first and also got to experience receiving goods for pick up as well. To finish their experience, they delivered their goods to parents in front of the committee center. Pictures of the participants were also taken.

To tell the truth, although it was our first trial to attempt for the two companies to jointly hold a work experience, it became a wonderful event that brought smiles to the faces of everyone who participated.

We will continue to promote community activities in order to foster the engagement of the “Town Parents” involved in the town.

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Announcement of Proof-of-Concept Trial of an Automatic Delivery Robot
“Shonan HAKOBO” has been chosen as the name for Panasonic’s automatic delivery robot

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