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An active town, even for the people without their own cars An eco-town, even for the people with their own cars

Fujisawa SST will offer entirely new total mobility services for all residents with and without their own cars. It will include the service of sharing electric vehicles (EV) and electric-assisted bicycles as well as a rental car delivery service, and battery stations for renting rechargeable batteries. These days, traffic jams can be seen regularly around Fujisawa, with long lines of vehicles heading for tourist spots especially on holidays. Our mobility sharing services, which include electric-assisted bicycles, will also contribute to the solution for this social problem of traffic gridlock.Mobility innovations in Fujisawa SST will benefit the residents, the environment, and the regional community. Fujisawa mobility will help create a flexible and comfortable relationship between residents and their cars.

New “total mobility service” recommending and offering electric vehicles (EV), electric bicycle sharing and rental car delivery services tailored to purposes or needs

A unique feature of Fujisawa SST’s mobility services: It will offer a sharing service for electric vehicles (EV) and electric-assisted bicycles tailored to residents’ purposes or needs, including the time of day, distance to your destination,and the environment. There is an option to use a rental car delivery service to deliver a car near resident’s home. This service will also allow residents without their own cars to broaden the scope of their activities and help residents have more active lives.


Mobility concierge and Mobility portal – One-stop services recommending optimal service use or the most direct route to your destination by human and technology

Mobility concierge is a one-stop service to offer various total mobility services. As well as accepting reservations, in consideration of the distance, hours of use, change in traffic conditions by time of day, the concierge chooses an optimal mobility service from car sharing or rental car, and selects a means of mobility such as electric vehicles (EV) and makes recommendations. The introduction of places only known to local residents or events will help you use mobility services. The Mobility portal, which enables you to check availability and make reservations on your TV or smartphone from home, also provides car sharing or rental car delivery service use records and thereby allows CO2 reduction check through the use of these services. These one-stop services will promote the use of new mobility services.

The battery sharing service promotes a new mobile lifestyle by eliminating the time and effort for charging batteries of electric-assisted bicycles and concerns about batteries going flat at awkward times

The battery sharing service enables residents to freely replace and use batteries for electric assisted bicycles. It will eliminate the time and effort required for charging batteries after getting home and concerns about running out of battery power while commuting or shopping. We will spread mobility lifestyles with less environmental impact by removing a bottleneck in the adoption of electric bicycles.

Environmental automobile inspection service is also available for improving gasoline mileage and reducing CO2 emissions

Environmental automobile inspections are new criteria in the legal automobile inspection system. The inspections help minimize the emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon hydride (HC), nitrogen oxide (NOx), dark smoke (DS) that are harmful to humans and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is thought to be the main cause of global warming. Reduction of gasoline consumption leads to fuel cost reduction. This system will raise environmental awareness by attaching the eco clean sticker to cars that passed the inspections.

Installing electric vehicles (EV) and V2H outlets in the Committee Center as means to provide electricity in emergencies

In emergencies, electric vehicles (EV) and V2H outlets installed in the Committee Center will be open to the public as a valuable emergency power supply and generate energy that people require to live.