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Protecting town residents’safety and security with invisible gates

The “gated town” is a security-oriented residential concept that has been introduced into towns in Japan and other countries. In a gated town, security is enhanced through installation of boom barriers and security gates at entrances, and by strictly restricting the coming and going of vehicles and pedestrians. Although a fort-like, guarded town may be physically secure, the protective measures can also give rise to a sense of cloistered unease among residents. Fujisawa SST will realize the concept of a “virtual gated town”, a new model of security that delivers a higher level of safety without hemming in the town with gates and barriers. The absence of physical walls relieves residents from psychological isolation, and facilitates more efficient communication among the townsfolk. Thus, the town will also provide “warm” security based on mutual exchange and consideration. In addition, the disaster prevention push notification TV system will be installed and lent, which will deliver and display disaster and town information on home TVs. Residents will be able to play, safely and without anxiety, in the open atmosphere of Fujisawa SST.

Disaster prevention push notification TV system that automatically displays alerts when residents are watching programs or while in standby mode

An information terminal will be linked to the TV of each residence. Disaster information (special heavy rain and other special weather warmings) from the Meteorological Agency will automatically be delivered and displayed. The Town Management Company provides a service to distribute independent alerts if there are power outages or other risks due to typhoons, storms and tornados. This TV system will also be utilized for safety confirmation in emergencies,communications of changes in town events, or ballots related to community programs.


Ensuring security throughout the entire town, where safety of residents can be monitored in an unobtrusive manner through a combination of surveillance cameras, lights, and human patrols

Around 50 surveillance cameras and lights are effectively installed at the entrance to the town, public buildings, shady areas in the park,crossings on main streets, etc. Furthermore, combining these facilities with patrols by “security concierges”, will give the town comprehensive security in an open atmosphere. Children’s safety can be monitored in an unobtrusive manner. And, street layouts designed to minimize vehicular through traffic will also contribute to secure and safe town planning through traffic safety. Security cameras and lighting will be used for disaster prevention purposes by ensuring safety in emergencies. In addition to monitoring by cameras, a certain number of street lights will remain illuminated to ensure safety, and house entrance lights as well as room lights will provide faint street lighting.

Illuminated brightly enough by detecting humans or cars – Eco-friendly security system linking camera-lighting functions

Installed in optimal locations, LED street lights with sensors will dim when there is nobody around at night. But when a passerby or car is detected, they will provide sufficient brightness to illuminate not only the area directly beneath, but also a few steps ahead, thus realizing both security and eco-friendliness. Furthermore, with cameras and lights connected to a wireless network, the system will relay security lights in the direction of the street ahead.

A security approach aimed at providing reassurance for residents – Integrated “space + town + house + people” security

In Fujisawa SST, space-level security is protected by limiting gateways to the town, town-level security is ensured with surveillance cameras and lights and house-level security is provided by integrating functions such as intrusion detection, fire detection, and emergency warning in the home security system. By adding a security guard patrol service, this integrated network of systems and services will enable the provision of security without any blind spots.